Am 27.11.03, 13:42 +0100 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> There is no way a GIMP plug-in can support multiple versions and even
> a completely different app and at the same time be readable and
> maintainable code. In my opinion the version included with GIMP-2.0
> should be a plug-in for GIMP-2.0 and nothing else. I also don't see
> why we should not continue to use our working TIFF plug-in. This
> plug-in works, is widely tested and has a maintainer. In my opinion
> what we should do is to integrate some functionality of your plug-in
> into the TIFF plug-in as found in CVS. I would suggest we start by
> adding support for multi-page TIFF file and look into color conversion
> routines as soon as GIMP-2.0 is released.

If there are different maintainers for the two plug-ins it will become
difficult to be up to date.  Anyway, its fine to see something included
in gimp.

Please take care of the layer offsets. They will become more important
in the future for some panoramaists. The viewport is somewhat tricky but
works. The visibility check should be ok.

The file reading makes several assumtions, which are done due to the lack
of further examples and some holes in the spec.

If You copy code from my version to gimps one be carfully with any bit
specific functions. They take different arguments. This is important if
You plan to take over the TIFF-directory information structure I
introduced. This structure is stored in the form of an double linked list
and is intended to minimise libtiff calls.

Hope its not too hard to take over the changes You want.

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