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Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
| Hi,
| Am 27.11.03, 13:42 +0100 schrieb Sven Neumann:
|>There is no way a GIMP plug-in can support multiple versions and even
|>a completely different app and at the same time be readable and
|>maintainable code. In my opinion the version included with GIMP-2.0
|>should be a plug-in for GIMP-2.0 and nothing else. I also don't see
|>why we should not continue to use our working TIFF plug-in. This
|>plug-in works, is widely tested and has a maintainer. In my opinion
|>what we should do is to integrate some functionality of your plug-in
|>into the TIFF plug-in as found in CVS. I would suggest we start by
|>adding support for multi-page TIFF file and look into color conversion
|>routines as soon as GIMP-2.0 is released.

Sven, I think what he was saying (and please speak up if I
misinterpreted your english) that he would like to become the current
maintainer of the current tiff plugin.  I certainly see no reason why
this person can't have responsibility over the current plugin as long as
he doesn't revert the improvements made to the gimp-2.0 plugin.

Also, the best way of gettting rid of the #if's would be to put some app
specific functionality into a seperate file and compile or include only
one driver file for the tiffreader plugin.  I am all for this.  I
suspect, though you haven't said, that you are also working on the
CinePaint plug-in.  It would be good to share as much code as possible
between our projects, IMO.

At worse, you can put it all in the same file and #if away the block of
fuctions specific to a certain app, which is _MUCH_ more readable then
having #ifs in the middle of the code.

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