On Nov 28, 2003, at 11:29 pm, Roman Joost wrote:

I'll remove the entities, which are mapping the german umlauts to the
correct unicode entity (if i'm right). If i understand Daniel correctly,
we should be able to write normal umlauts with a proper UTF-8 encoding.
It wasn't clear enough for me, when we discussed the UTF-8 issue on the
mailinglist. The problem is for me, that i cannot use XIncludes, when
the documents use "ö" to generate an german oe. What should we do

  1. switch completely to UTF-8,
  2. use the proper unicode entities (eg. oe for ö) for printing
  umlauts and special language dependend characters?

The switch to UTF-8 was not recommended by Daniel, where he points out,
that this might break some asian language contributions (if there are
some, who wants to help). I suggest, that we don't switch to UTF-8 and
use the unicode entities to get a valid XML file.

I'm pretty convinced I tried to express something else. :) UTF-8 is the
way to go and it should work with all languages known, even the Asian
ones. What might break is editing content on systems which have rather
poor support for UTF-8. So given this and the the feedback we've received
I'd rather enforce UTF-8 encoded source files then go with the "noone can
remember the numbers anyway" numerical character encoding.

Thanks to all authors for the good work and happy writing :)

You're doing a pretty good job here, thanks!


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