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Shrinivas Kulkarni wrote:
Is there any way to display GIMP image in GTK controls?

If by GIMP image you mean an XCF, then I don't know of any such widget. However, the GtkImage widget supports a number of file formats - including png, tiff, xbm, gif and jpeg.

There is one more question I have is that, can we write a standalone app using GIMP. This question arises, because, I do not want to use all the funcitonality of GIMP, but want to have my own toolbox and still able to use selective functionality from GIMP.

You might be better looking at something which was designed as a graphics toolkit, such as ImageMagick. The GIMP application contains quite a bit of the functionality we use, and plug-ins communicate with it using a wire protocol that I don't understand. You could steal the minimum of code from the GIMP to use the PDB, or you could do as Simon suggested in another thread, and run the GIMP im batch mode.

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Dave Neary

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