Daniel Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It depends on what you mean by "using GIMP."  You can use gimp as a
> rendering backend, if you want.  There has been some discussion of the
> portability of our internal widgets and that they might be useful as
> another library.  The code is much more modular than it was, so using
> our widgets in a seperate app might be a good idea too.  You would be
> the first person to try it though, so I imagine there will be some
> problems (though not insurmoutable ones).

Well, since most of the interesting widgets are in the GIMP core and
not in libgimpwidegts, there will probably be quite some problems to
use these from another application. We will probably continuosly move
more widgets to libgimpwidgets and of course if there's interested
from other applications to use this code, we can take this into

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