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Shrinivas Kulkarni wrote:
By "using GIMP" I mean to use GIMP as library. Such facilty may be necessary
since we may not want user to have all the functionality that Core GIMP
provides. For example, we may want user to draw on the image( lines,
curves), but may want user to allow apply rich filters GIMP provides.

Ah... if this is really a typical problem area, then you might have some problems.

The GIMP is organised in 2 parts, the core application, and its plug-ins (and associated infrastructure, libraries, etc). It would be possible to link against the libgimp libraries to create a plug-in, or example, or as someone suggested to replace the core with a "lite" core which understood the PDB, and communicate with plug-ins that way.

But since you don't seem to be too interested in the filters, and seem more interested in the core application, that doesn't seem to be what you want to do.

The core application contains (more or less) tools, internal data structures for images, layers, vectors and so on, a number of widgets for the UI, code for loading and using external data (brushes, patterns and so on), and the PDB core implementation (the protocol we use to talk to plug-ins). Since this seems to be the code you're interested in, that's what you would be looking at. Unfortunately, it's not written to be used as a library - you can't link with the draw tools only, for example, in a 3rd party application. Howeveer, the code is quite modular, and I think you could probably dump most of the filters (except file loaders for formats you're interested in, or else use a GtkImage), dump many of the tools, lose more than half the GUI code, and arrive at something resembling GPaint.

Or, you could write a corba control for GPaint, and embed that in your application?

I do not understand,
why I cannot have image created and displayed without GIMP running.

I understand. However, it was not our goal to provide a reusable graphics framework at this stage. That is a goal of gegl, though. And that should be possible within a few months, if all goes well.

In short, the edit window, right now we have that should converted to widget
and developer should be able to use it even without running GIMP. ( This
implies that user should be able to call even PDB functions that is calling
procs from PDB.)Right now the edit window, seems to be very much tightly
coupled with Toolbox. If we provide such facility GIMP will be really

I'm not clear on how this could be accomplished. Would you like to write a proposal on how you think this might happen? I mean, how you would make the toolbox, for example, optional or modifiable. This is something that we would like to see, and if you have ideas we would love to hear them.


Dave Neary

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