Hi Dave,

Thanks for bearing me with me patience. I would definitely post my proposal
on this, but not now, since I am little busy with project. In the mean time,
I am trying to compile GIMP from source, using mingw and on Windows XP box.
First of all it is failing to find pkg-config.

Therefore I got pkg-config-0.15.0 and tried building it first, unfortunately
it is giving some compiler errors. Is there any place where I can get
precompile binaries for pkg-config. I am really running short of time,
therefore I do not think I should spend more time on this. I am following
the instructions from
http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/HowToCompileGimp/MicrosoftWindows in order to
build GIMP.

Thanks and regards,
Shrinivas Kulkarni.

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> Hi Shrinivas,
> Shrinivas Kulkarni wrote:
> > By "using GIMP" I mean to use GIMP as library. Such facilty may be
> > since we may not want user to have all the functionality that Core GIMP
> > provides. For example, we may want user to draw on the image( lines,
> > curves), but may want user to allow apply rich filters GIMP provides.
> Ah... if this is really a typical problem area, then you might have some
> problems.
> The GIMP is organised in 2 parts, the core application, and its plug-ins
> (and associated infrastructure, libraries, etc). It would be possible to
> link against the libgimp libraries to create a plug-in, or example, or
> as someone suggested to replace the core with a "lite" core which
> understood the PDB, and communicate with plug-ins that way.
> But since you don't seem to be too interested in the filters, and seem
> more interested in the core application, that doesn't seem to be what
> you want to do.
> The core application contains (more or less) tools, internal data
> structures for images, layers, vectors and so on, a number of widgets
> for the UI, code for loading and using external data (brushes, patterns
> and so on), and the PDB core implementation (the protocol we use to talk
> to plug-ins). Since this seems to be the code you're interested in,
> that's what you would be looking at. Unfortunately, it's not written to
> be used as a library - you can't link with the draw tools only, for
> example, in a 3rd party application. Howeveer, the code is quite
> modular, and I think you could probably dump most of the filters (except
> file loaders for formats you're interested in, or else use a GtkImage),
> dump many of the tools, lose more than half the GUI code, and arrive at
> something resembling GPaint.
> Or, you could write a corba control for GPaint, and embed that in your
> application?
> > I do not understand,
> > why I cannot have image created and displayed without GIMP running.
> I understand. However, it was not our goal to provide a reusable
> graphics framework at this stage. That is a goal of gegl, though. And
> that should be possible within a few months, if all goes well.
> > In short, the edit window, right now we have that should converted to
> > and developer should be able to use it even without running GIMP. ( This
> > implies that user should be able to call even PDB functions that is
> > procs from PDB.)Right now the edit window, seems to be very much tightly
> > coupled with Toolbox. If we provide such facility GIMP will be really
> > extensible.
> I'm not clear on how this could be accomplished. Would you like to write
> a proposal on how you think this might happen? I mean, how you would
> make the toolbox, for example, optional or modifiable. This is something
> that we would like to see, and if you have ideas we would love to hear
> Cheers,
> Dave.
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> Dave Neary

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