Hi all,

We are coming up to a release. I will post a detailed progress
report, along with the current thinking that I have about the
outstanding blockers. But this mail is about something else.

Over the years since 1.2.0, or even since 1.2 pre1 (way back in
April 1999) we have seen quite a few old "heads" drift away from
the GIMP, either because they've become more active on other
projects, or haven't got as much free time, or simply because
they got into a big row and got pissed off.

I think that 2.0 is an ideal opportunity to get some old GIMPers
giving time to the project again. Some notable examples of people
who have started to reappear recently, and should be welcomed
with open arms, are Kelly and Jay. Some names that come easily to
mind are syngin, adam, vidar, prof, bex, federico, and a bunch of
others I'm forgetting.

We're not going to dramatically break things again in the way 
that we did at the start of the 1.3 cycle, or even when we made 
the change to GTK+ 2.2 and Fontconfig a few months ago. In 
principle, someone who has the dependencies for a 2.0 build 
should have everything they need to keep up with GIMP CVS 
through the 2.2 release.

So, I would like to put together a list of freinds of the GIMP,
and get onto them and see if we can interest any of them in
getting involved again. Can anyone think of names I've left off
here? Several of these are certainly still on the devel list (if
you are, shout). Many will probably request not to be sent any
more mail. A few might help out a bit.

So can I get names and e-mail addresses of people who were
hanging around a while ago that you haven't seen since, and that
you thought were cool? If so, could you send me a name and an
e-mail address? 

What do people think of the idea of a Friends of GIMP list that
gets added to the announce list when we make a release, for


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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