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Sven Neumann wrote:
David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
What I would propose is that the GIMP CVS module have an app/gegl
directory which is linked to the gegl module, so that doing a cvs
co of the GIMP would also check out gegl.

This is insane. CVS modules cause nothing but trouble. If you want to use GEGL, then depend on it. If you are afraid of this dependency, don't do it then.

I really didn't expect this to be so controversial. GTK+ was developped as part of the GIMP until it reached a certain state of maturity, I'm not suggesting that we absorb the goat, just that we include it in our tarball (again, to make the GIMP easier to build - which comes back to the other mail).

Other people do this, so perhaps it's not as obviously insane as you're making out. There is no fear of the dependency... but until gegl is in a state where it's mature enough to make standalone releases, then it's more or less exclusively a GIMP project. Why not help it along?


Dave Neary

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