David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What functionality is in 2.4 that we could use? I don't mean to
> be a killjoy - we should definitely be able to build with 2.4.x, but 
> IMHO, we shouldn't bump the version requirement unless there's a 
> very good reason to do so. 

There are very good reasons. We already prepared the tree to use the
new file chooser and everyone is looking forward to revamp the menu
system based on GtkAction. These are very important changes that
should go into the GIMP CVS tree as early as possible.

> We really have to ask ourselves whether the functional additions
> to GTK+ 2.4 are really worth the cost we would incur in human
> terms in depending on the newer version. I'd like to see us stick
> to 2.2 unless there's something indispensable that we need in
> 2.4, and even then I'd like to see a case made for it before the
> change on the devel list, rather than have the change happen
> silently after some discussion on IRC. We're anticipating a
> certain amount of breakage after 2.2 anyway with the integration
> of gegl and its development, so at that point it would be more
> reasonable to start upping the required GTK+ version (perhaps
> even to 2.6.0 when we get there).

IMO it is a lot more important to get the mentioned GTK+ changes than
to start to integrate GEGL.

> In short, I see the 2.2 series as a community building release
> cycle, and our best chance to get people into the project after
> several years in limbo. If we start depending on software that
> isn't commonly available yet, we risk to waste some of that
> opportunity.

I don't follow you on this argumentation. Especially not since
GTK+-2.4 will probably be released around the time we release
GIMP-2.0. Depending on it is a must and I don't believe it will make
us loose a single seriously intersted developer.


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