David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> the change to GTK+ 2.2 and Fontconfig a few months ago. In
> principle, someone who has the dependencies for a 2.0 build should
> have everything they need to keep up with GIMP CVS through the 2.2
> release.

We will have to depend on GTK+-2.4 pretty early if we want to make use
of the new functionality it provides. Since there's a lot of very
useful stuff in the 2.4 API, we should make the switch to GTK+-2.4
soon after the 2.0 release.

> What do people think of the idea of a Friends of GIMP list that gets
> added to the announce list when we make a release, for example?

I thought that's what gimp-developer was for.

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