Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Other people do this, so perhaps it's not as obviously insane as
> you're making out. There is no fear of the dependency... but until
> gegl is in a state where it's mature enough to make standalone
> releases, then it's more or less exclusively a GIMP project. Why not
> help it along?

Because I believe that it will hurt the project to become part of the
GIMP tarballs. It will be much more helpful if we help to create
standalone GEGL releases early. This will raise interest in GEGL and
it will make packages appear for all distributions.

Moving it into the GIMP tarball is like moving GTK+ back into the GIMP
tree just because we need some functionality out of the HEAD branch.
GEGL is a separate project and it is IMO very important that it
doesn't become too GIMP-centric. Having it included in the GIMP
tarball will make it appear as part of The GIMP which it isn't
supposed to be. What you suggest basically has only disadvantages. Let
alone the fact that it will be a nightmare to maintain.


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