david gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> my involvement has been impeded by these things:

>       - lack of documentation (hard to find my way around the gimp
> sourcetree without general guides as to what goes where (where to
> find/add a particular feature.)

http://developer.gimp.org/api/1.3/app/ is the best we can offer you at
the moment. At least you don't have to dig around in several hundreds
files living in the same directory without any clear dependencies. The
new source code structure should be a lot easier to understand and it
has definitely become easier to work on one area w/o the risk of
breaking unrelated stuff. This was almost impossible with the 1.2 code

You should also have a look at devel-docs/structure.xml. This document
is a first draft of an explanation of the GIMP source code
structure. I haven't got around to finish it yet but perhaps it can be
helpful already.

>       - lack of knowledge of general 'modus operandi'. for example,
> i have a whole directory just for enhancement ideas. they are all
> practical in the sense i know how to implement them in general.  i
> don't know whether to add them to bugzilla, because i don't know
> what the policy is for enhancement requests.

The policy is that you are supposed to add your enhancement requests
to Bugzilla with severity set to "enhancement". Please check for
similar reports before you create a new one. Duplicate reports cause
us a lot of unneeded maintainance work.

> in the realm of 'discussion', does anyone here know why GimpPalette is  
> implemented using a list? it seems a lot saner to use an array.

Probably because manipulating an array is a lot more cumbersome than
using a list, in particular if you want to insert/remove and reorder
entries. I don't see how a simple array would be saner but I didn't
look into the details of GimpPalette lately. Perhaps a GArray might be
a reasonable alternative?

> i would like to convert it to use an array if possible, as it would
> simplify future enhancements, and hopefully remove the need for the
> 'position' attribute.

Could you outline how this would simplify future enhancements?

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