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Le 02.01.2004 03:02, david gowers a écrit :
you misunderstood.
it makes sense to store the Palettes as a list.. but not the contents of the
palettes. what i meant was that each GimpPalette has a GList of

GArray-based allocation would be one way to optimize memory allocation, which

is currently unnecessarily inefficient(2 mallocs per each palette entry?!.)
and slows the palette editing down significantly for large palettes (>256).
it may be able to eliminate the 'position' attribute for each palette entry,
which as noted in gimppalette.h is EEK*.

next best would be allocating the GimpPaletteEntries using a GMemChunk while
ordering them using the current GList arrangements.
this appears straightforward and i could probably make a patch for it easily.

* and appears to be because there is a widget for each color in the gimp
palette editor, rather than a single widget for the entire grid. which i
don't see a good rationale for either. maybe its just a hack that avoids
having to calculate which color was clicked on using the realized widget

david gowers

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