Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm also raising issue also because I thought that one of the goals
> for the 2.0 release is to simplify/tidy-up some things. Having more
> consistency in the enums used (regardless of language used for a
> plug-in/script and ignore - vs _ issues) makes sense (to me at
> least). Trying to get DB Browser to display different information
> based on you telling it which type of plug-in one wants to create is
> probably not a good alternative. I think it would add too much
> complexity and be hard to maintain.

What are you advocating instead? Perhaps I just missed something but I
have not been able to figure out what change you are proposing.

The issue you raise has been around forever and it seems that so far
you are the first one to find it disturbing enough to talk about it.
Perhaps something should be done about this but I don't think it's a
severe problem that would justify an incompatible change to any of the
language bindings. IMO any language should be free to use the GIMP
enum values in the way that is typical for the particular language.
Script-Fu uses hyphens traditionally; why should we force it to using
the (uglier) underscores that have to be used in the C language?

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