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> What type of plug-in am I writing again? :-) You get the idea.

Frankly, people forgetting which type of plug-in (in which language) they
are currently writing need professional help *g*.

You are right, the probably would need help. :-) Of course, what I was getting at is a given individual that writes plug-ins using different languages. For example, I have been working with Script-Fu scripts recently and I have now started to look at porting a C-based plug-in to the latest API so I will need to remember that now I need to add GIMP_ to the start of constants.

I went back and updated the script on my web site to convert only those named constants listed in siod-wrapper.c as deprecated to the current API (and without the leading GIMP-). Later on, I may add a switch to allow all constants to be updated to the current API (and let it include the GIMP-). I will run the script against the current Script-Fu scripts which come with GIMP and produce a diff of the results to see how many (if any) need to be updated to allow later removal of the compatibility code in the siod-wrapper.c file.

I will post a new message shortly regarding the comments related to DB Browser as I feel they belong in a new thread since that discussion is not directly related to the current thread.


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