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So the easiest solution would be to make script-fu accept the enums
with or without prefix.

That would be the easiest solution and maintains compatibility with existing scripts.

The point is that it is already way too late to do any major
incompatible change. Our API was frozen from the moment we did the
first 2.0pre release.

I realize that. I had no intention of suggesting a change to the API. Just a change to the enums/constants used by Script-Fu.

However I don't see any problem in accepting a patch for Script-Fu
that makes it accept enums prefixed with "GIMP-". Should be a trivial

Since it was my suggestion, I suppose that falls in my lap. :-) I'm fairly certain it is trivial. It is more a matter of ensuring that the additions to what is accepted match against what is shown in the DB Browser. If all "internal" enums/constants start with GIMP- then no problem.

The only remaining question is whether the old (non "GIMP-" prefixed) enums for Script-Fu should be deprecated for later removal and how that should be indicated (or just documented). I will check the help documentation to see if there is any information about Script-Fu scripts that would need to be updated/changed.


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