At 06:18 AM 02/06/2004, Sven wrote:
> 7) Move from SIOD to guile for script-fu

Guile or another interpreter or fix the current implementation. All
nice but we keep asking for this for years now and I don't see it
happen until summer. Let's say, it would be nice to have but it
shouldn't block 2.2.

I have started to look at Guile to see how easy/difficult it would be to use it as an eventual replacement for Script-Fu. In the short-term, while looking at the source for Script-Fu/SIOD in the GIMP, I think that some a series of minor patches can help to improve the reporting of error messages. I need to run some additional tests by breaking some scripts and testing error reports.

> 10) Macro recorder, if anyone has ideas on how it can be done
>     with the current PDB/undo system

I don't think it can be done with the current system but it should be
considered for a PDB redesign which could be part of 2.2 (see above).

While researching Guile as a replacement for Script-Fu, I ran across an article relating to the PDB system. Someone (I forget who) stated they thought that instead of developing the PDB system, the GIMP should have used a system based on CORBA(?). One of the reasons cited for it not being done back then was the lack of open source versions or sufficiently mature implementations IIRC.

I don't know much about CORBA other than hearing about it in relation to Windows stuff. Would the features of something based on a CORBA-like system be any better than the existing PDB system? I know this would be a lot of work so any change here would be for a GIMP version > 2.2.

Also, IIRC, wasn't some of the work being done in the 2.x series meant to clean things up in ways that would make it easier to do the Macro recorder at some point in the future?


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