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>> The most recent copy of SIOD I could find was from 1998, IIRC. So, if
>> the current SIOD part of Script-Fu is indeed from 2 years earlier,
>> would it make sense in the short term to update the copy of SIOD
>> currently used in the GIMP until a replacement for the whole Script-Fu
>> system is available?
>Yes, I think it would be worthwhile to update SIOD to that version.
>This would probably help to make you more familiar with the current
>implementation and it could be done in the short timeframe we've setup
>for GIMP-2.2.

As I recall, the SIOD that's part of gimp is not a "stock" version of
SIOD, as there were various bugs detected and fixed in SIOD in the 0.99.x
and 1.2.x gimp releases.  There *may* be fixes in the gimp's custom
SIOD that never got back into the mainline SIOD.  That means that using
a newer SIOD *might* cause some regressions.

I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from making the change, I'm just trying
to give whoever does it a "heads up" that they may want to see if they can
detect if there are any fixes that should be forward-ported into the new
SIOD gimp swallows.

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