On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 03:45:21PM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> David Odin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >   To be more precise, since the GTK+ team has deprecated GtkPreview,
> > I would have like to see if the gimp couldn't have its own widget
> > for this. I won't promise it will be done on time, though. Let's put
> > this on the "maybe included" list.
> GtkPreview is still available, there's nothing that keeps us from
> using it.
  If needed, yes.

> What we are aiming for is a lot more complex than what GtkPreview is
> providing. The goal is to have a widget that can zoom and pan. It
> should also provide an API that allows to use the same image
> processing routines for the preview as are used for the drawable. The
> plug-in author shouldn't have to care much about the preview.
  Exactly, selection and layers handling should be there two.

  But please, see my other mail.



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