Ernst Lippe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> No, the preview itself does not generate any temporary drawables.
> However there is a utility function for the plug-in to generate
> such temporary drawables, when it finds that more convenient,
> but in that case it is the responsibility of the plug-in
> and not of the preview. It can function perfectly without
> any temporary drawables.

Well, if the plug-in needs to allocate temporary drawables in order to
conveniently display a preview, than this is a problem of the preview.

One of the design requirements of the preview is to provide a
convenient way for plug-ins to preview their results. Convenient means
that it should be possible to reuse the existing pixel manipulations
routines without or with small changes. Allocating temporary drawables
in the core is in my opinion not a viable solution for this problem.

It should however be possible to keep the temporary drawables
completely on the plug-in side. To achieve this, the GimpDrawable
wrapper would have to know whether it needs to get the tiles from the
core (via shared memory or over the pipe) or allocate them in the
plug-in process. I think this change would be rather straight-forward.

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