Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The idea I had (knowing that this is a big change) is to export the
> serialisation stuff to libgimp, have plug-ins which want presets
> extend GimpPlugIn which will implement the serializable
> interface. The plug-ins should then move from a structure of options
> (as they currently have) to GObject properties for options they want
> serialised. Then we could re-use the widgets that are in place in
> the core in the plug-ins.
> I won't be able to do this myself, but it would be a very nice
> feature for someone to take on, if that plan sounded reasonable.

If we did this (and I think it's way too much of a change for 2.2),
then it should be done right. Doing it right means coming up with an
API (probably similar to GimpConfig in the core) that also fits the
needs of the redesigned PDB since we will want to reuse that API for
it as well.

> Agreed. But someone could claim this now, and make it the thing they
> do for 2.2 - given the work that mitch did recently in further
> separating out siod from script-fu, this should be a fairly small job.

What Mitch did there was to prepare the SIOD implementation for an
update to the latest released version which is at least two years
newer that what we are using now.

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