Nathan Carl Summers wrote:

If you are a board member you must:
Attend board meetings.

Is this required to be in person, or is conference call/irc/email/etc sufficient? Furthermore, is it possible for board members to be reimbursed for expenses? I can see this being a major obstacle for non-us residents otherwise.

Most states require that such meetings take place "so that all present may hear one another". This permits conference calls, but excludes IRC and email.

Instead, I would like to see the ability to give TGF power-of-attorney to
sue copyright violators in their behalf.

That's a touchy area. Copyright law in the United States requires that a suit to enforce copyright be brought "in the name of the party in interest". (The RIAA is running into problems with this because they're not the "party in interest" of any of the copyrights they're suing on.) There really isn't a good way around the assignment issue.


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