Daniel Rogers wrote:
Avoid self-dealing.

What's this?

Be honest.

Is this true of every board? Even Halliburton?

1.  Will TGF have members?  I am talking about members with voting
privledges, like I described above.  (my vote is yes, btw)


2.  Should the membership be paid?   (my vote is yes, for like $50 a
year or some toher small amount.  It helps for tax purposes).

Why not - this is also common in France. That means setting up paypal I guess... Although the GNOME foundation have a membership policy which fits in better with the Open Source model - there is a membership committee, which considers applications for membership on a case-by-case basis based on participation in the community. Membership is reconsidered every 3 years, and is free.

3. Should the membership have additional rights?

Aside from voting in the board? Meh...

It would be useful to know who is interested in accepting the
responsibilites of being a board member (or officer).

Me. But a board can only work if the developers and the board work together towards the same goals, so to speak. If the board and the developers are in conflict, it'll bomb, or it'll be a PR disaster.


Dave Neary

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