Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 13:49:13 +0100
   From: Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   Robert L Krawitz wrote:
   > Does 2.0 have any functioning print plugin?  If not, what changes need
   > to be made to the current 4.2-based plugin?

   As far as I know, if you have gimp-print 4.2.x installed, it will
   be used for the gimp-print plug-in. The plug-in has been updated to
   the 2.0 API.

   It would be nice to have the plug-in updated to 4.4.0 when it comes
   out (which should be any day now, I think) - in fact, if 4.4 comes
   out this week, it would be nice to be able to use that for The GIMP
   2.0 (imho).

I'm the Gimp-Print project lead, that's why I asked the question :-)

Gimp-Print 5.0 alpha came out a couple of months ago.  Unfortunately,
the real 5.0 is a ways out yet, and there's going to be a significant
API change in the next alpha release (hopefully that will be the last
one -- it fixes the specification of input and output modes).

In the 5.0 tree, the plugin has been split into two pieces, a UI
library (libgimpprintui) and the GIMP plugin proper (which is tiny,
and contains all of the GIMP-specific code).  We should work out the
appropriate ownership of of these two components, and the correct
dividing line.

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