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Le 13.03.2004 15:22, David Neary a crit:
hi Jean-Luc,

Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
So, I forgot: it is the 2.0-pre cvs version from 20040312.
Locale is [EMAIL PROTECTED], but I tried with LC_MESSAGES=C and got the same

effect (less annoying anyway because the English sentences are mostly


This may be a problem related to your desktop fonts. Here with fr_FR and en_UK or C I have no problem.

If you use a bigger font in your gtk+ theme, that might make the
text wide enough to over-run the splash box.

This is the case, my font size is 12 8-)

What's your expected behaviour here. That the text be chopped at the edges of the splash, or that the window be big enough for the biggest string from the start?

*My* expected behaviour is ... nothing. I just *think* it would have a better "sex appeal" for the end user who is comming from an other software and who thinks the look is important.

Any of your suggestions is acceptable:
- text cropped : motly nobody read it as it is moving very quickly
- larger window can be *the* solution but you will have to fix/compute and acceptable width.

                        - Jean-Luc

Cheers, Dave.

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