Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Fink and Darwinports are simply not options for mainline OS X users.
> Mac users want to literally buy a machine and turn it on.  Think about
> what happens when you buy a lamp, you plug it into the wall and turn
> it on.  They're amazingly close to that, with things like Airport.
> >From a user engineering standpoint, it's a tour de force.

Afak, you can build binary images from darwinport packages with a
single command. If you provide such an image file to your users, it's
a matter or dragging the file onto the finder and the software is
installed, ready to be used. But certainly you know about this and I
assume that this is the way you are offering the gimp-print software
to MacOS X users. It would be easy to include glib2 as part of this
gimp-print image file.

> I think we have a problem when something goes from current to obsolete
> in 18 months.

That's a rather long time and since you are developing a new version
of gimp-print at the moment, you should seriously consider to base it
on libraries that are current and not something that dates back to the
year 2001. A lot has happened since then. I don't have glib-1.2
installed any longer on any of the computers I am using. You can
expect that this will be the case for most if not all distributions
emerging over the next months.

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