From: Frank Noack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 12:04:34 +0100

   Am Freitag, 19. März 2004 03:38 schrieb Robert L Krawitz:
   >    From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   >    Date: 13 Mar 2004 13:10:08 +0100
   >    Frank Noack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
   >    > Its the same problem that i had before. It works fine with build in
   >    > language (en) if i use it in german it fails. Now i can print with
   >    > Turborint but without ppd-file. I show at
   >    >
   >    Did you update to gimp-print 4.2.6 yet ?
   > Frank, have you tried the patch I sent you?  This is the last
   > outstanding 4.2.7 release stopper and I'd like it tested so that we
   > can proceed with our release.

   Yes i updated. The patch did not work for me, but i downloadet revision  
   print-ps.c,v 2004/03/19 02:35:54 from the cvs tree. I compiled it 
   with the src.rpm ghostscript-library-7.07.1rc1 from suse and now it works 
   fine. I can print and i can use the ppd files. Thanks for your help, and 
   sorry for my late answer. But i am not an big patcher and my english is ....
   Its a hard way for me but i like it.


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