Frank Noack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > > Its the same problem that i had before. It works fine with build in
> > > language (en) if i use it in german it fails. Now i can print with
> > > Turborint but without ppd-file. I show at
> > > http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/
> >
> > Did you update to gimp-print 4.2.6 yet ?
> Yes i did :-)
> And it works, but not with using ppd file. With LANG=en it works completly

Well, we, as the GIMP developers, have a couple of options to
workaround this problem:

(a) Run the print plug-in with LC_NUMERIC set to C. This will change
    how numbers are displayed in the user interface. For some locales,
    there's no difference, some will differ in the use of the decimal
    separator and for other locales, there might be other changes.

(b) Temporarily switch LC_NUMERIC to C while running any gimp-print
    calls. I have no idea if this is feasible. Someone would have to
    check if this can be done in a sane way.

We used to do (a) for all plug-ins and the core in GIMP-1.2 but it was
a lousy workaround and we are happy that we finally got rid of it. Now
that the GUI is properly localized, it might be confusing to have a
single plug-in that displays numbers differently. Solution (b) however
is error-prone.  Any comments anyone?

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