Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    Afak, you can build binary images from darwinport packages with a
>    single command. If you provide such an image file to your users,
>    it's a matter or dragging the file onto the finder and the software
>    is installed, ready to be used. But certainly you know about this
>    and I assume that this is the way you are offering the gimp-print
>    software to MacOS X users. It would be easy to include glib2 as
>    part of this gimp-print image file.
> That's what I meant; that would be a possibility.  We would just need
> to make sure it didn't collide with anything else.  I prefer to
> minimize the amount of stuff we install in the background, but that
> could conceivably be an option.  Whether it's worthwhile is a second
> question.

Such an image file is kept seperate from the rest of the system. So
there's no chance that whatever library you add there could collide
with other software on the system. Assumed that I understood this
correctly, but that's what I have been told by MacOS X developers...

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