Manish Singh wrote:

We could simply bypass the pdb for painting, and just emit "record this"
on button release. But maybe it'd be better to have the pdb more involved,
I dunno.

You'd at least have to serialize all the events for the paintbrush and airbrush if you want the macro to be brush- and color- independent (that is, you are interested in capturing the motions used, rather than the result). You could save the serialization in a buffer and then spew it forth at the end, but I don't see any way around collecting the actual paint events.

This was a requirement when I was asked to this by my former employer back in 2000, and also a requirement for the guy who was trying to contract Wilberworks to do it back in 1998. I think a macro recorder that doesn't capture motion events will be of limited utility to users.


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