Kelly Martin wrote:
> Manish Singh wrote:
> >I was asking more in terms of an API should look like. Interactive
> >paint is more involved than say, a bucket fill, which is easily translated
> >into to "call PDB bucket fill function on button release".
> Especially when you consider the airbrush, which has time sensitivity as 
> well as motion sensitivity.


> This is nonsimple to begin with, and making it efficient is even more 
> complex. You don't want substantial redraw delays while painting.  I am not 
> sanguine on getting this implemented in the desired three month window.

Perhaps I'm being over-simplistic, but couldn't we go for the
partial solution of just recording plug-in events, via the
existing PDB interface, and get ourselves most of the
functionality that people need for very little effort?


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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