Manish Singh wrote:

I was asking more in terms of an API should look like. Interactive
paint is more involved than say, a bucket fill, which is easily translated
into to "call PDB bucket fill function on button release".

Especially when you consider the airbrush, which has time sensitivity as well as motion sensitivity. The general paint UI (used for paint/pencil/erase, clone, smudge/dodge/burn, and airbrush, IIRC) has to generate an drawing event for each drag. The airbrush also has to generate one for each timer tick while the mouse is down, whether or not a drag occurred. The other tools generate only one drawing event, at mouse release. The lasso can probably only generate one drawing event, at mouse release, but its event structure is considerably more complex than the rest. I'm not sure about the various vector-related tools.

This is nonsimple to begin with, and making it efficient is even more complex. You don't want substantial redraw delays while painting. I am not sanguine on getting this implemented in the desired three month window.


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