>You have valid points Bill.  However, popping up unnecessary dialogues will
>also undesirably slow down and get in the way of many users.  If you proceed
>with your suggested changes, then I would strongly suggest an option to
>bypass the dialogue for plug-ins that don't really need one.

Well, the extra time it takes is the time to hit the return key, since Okay is
the default response.

Anyway, I'll add an anecdote.  One of the plug-ins that don't use a dialog is
Gradient Map.  So, exploring the Gimp universe, I came across this one
in the menu, and thought "hmm, what does this do?", and tried it.  It
converted my image to grayscale!  I thought that was a bit odd, since 
there was already a much easier way to convert an image to grayscale.

The only way I could figure out what Gradient Map did was to read the
source code.

  -- Bill

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