"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> >The problem is that the "blurb" and "help" strings as they are
> >registered with the PDB are (a) not meant to be user help

You didn't address point (a). Really, these strings are meant as a
description for developers, not for users. They don't explain what the
plug-in does when being called interactively, they explain what the
particular PDB function does. There are plug-ins that register a
number of PDB functions. What string would you use to display in the
user interface? The interactive call might actually do something
completely different.

> I've actually already written meaningful pdb-help for about 1/3 of
> the relevant plug-ins -- it takes about 5 minutes once you
> understand what the plug-in does -- and am ready to do it for the
> rest if I have some reasonable confidence that I'm not wasting my
> time.

Given the problems I outlined above, I wonder if this time would be
better spent on writing help for the plug-ins. If we had at least a
little bit of help for each plug-in, we could continue to use the PDB
strings for what they've been designed for and we have added the help
system for exactly this purpose. What do you think about putting your
descriptions into gimp-help-2? You wouldn't need to do a full page for
each plug-in. A page for each filters menu would be completely
sufficient to begin with.

If we did this using the help system, you wouldn't even have to call
the plug-in dialog to get to the help about it. Pressing F1 with the
plug-in menu entry focused already calls the respective help ID. And
the navigation that's possible with the help or web browser allows you
to discover the GIMP plug-ins a lot faster as if you would have to
bring up the dialog for each plug-in first.

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