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> My idea of saving text as curves would be: - having implemented a
> "save vectors to postscript curves" (which I had done in python-fu
> for gimp 1.2), create a "vector from text" thouhgh the PDB, and them
> use this vector to save as postscript curves, filling with the text
> layer's color (which also need to come from the PDB API)

Hmm, so you want to save text as curves? That's of course a different
issue, you basically don't need a text PDB API then. All you need is
the vectors API.

> You made no comments on the vector layers api, do you think they are
> feasible into 2.2?

Actually we only planned to add an API to create vectors through the
PDB. Basically a replacement of the current API that doesn't support
all the new things that vectors can do compared to paths in 1.2. What
Simon and me had in mind here is an API similar to what is used in PS
and SVG. Such an API already exists internally:


What you will need however is an API to query the vectors objects.
That API should probably be similar to the API proposed above and I
don't think that adding it would be overly difficult.

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