On Fri, Apr 09, 2004 at 01:10:56PM +0200, Jakub Steiner wrote:
> V ?t 08. 04. 2004 v 06:35 -0700 p??e Carol Spears:
> > TheGIMP is not photoshop.  it was written so that linux people would not
> > not have to use a different operating system and/or steal.
i am quoting spencer with my own reasons.

the actual word here is "akin".
probably you should use google to determine this just for consistency.

> Here you propose GIMP would be good for people who don't feel
> comfortable stealing (Photoshop)?
> > you make gimp race on a playing field it never was meant to be on and i
> > dont see anyone testing the competitor on TheGIMP's home field.
> > 
> > what would the point of such a race be?
> And here you're saying you don't like the comparsion to Photoshop? Gosh,
> if you're suggesting GIMP as an alternative you hardly can avoid
> comparsion. That's hypocrisy. 
i spent years telling photoshop people to give gimp a chance.  i am a
blithering idiot by now.  thanks for pointing that out.

> I'm one of the people who used Photoshop at the university and then
> started looking around for an affordable alternative at home. Trying to
> address issues that people may encounter doing the switch does make
> perfect sense.
i used photoshop at the university also.  it was the only way i could
get the scanner to work there.  i still had to learn about scanning


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