Carol Spears writes:
 > TheGIMP is not photoshop.  it was written so that linux people would not
 > not have to use a different operating system 

Was it? GIMP was originally written on the commercial Unixes of the
time (Solaris, HP-UX etc), wasn't it? And it used Motif. And it still
runs as well on most other UNIXes as it does on Linux, doesn't it?

 > and/or steal.

As there aren't any commercial competition to the GIMP on Linux (or is
there?), your statement doesn't really make sense, does it? True, GIMP
being available on Windows might prevent Windows people from pirating
Photoshop or PaintShopPro. But that hardly applies to Linux, what
would they steal if there wasn't GIMP?


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