On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 01:03:52PM +0200, Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
> Hi, 
> > Since you're planning multiple tests, you may consider running a 
> > first test that is not very task driven, and in which the (few) tasks 
> > are relatively broad. The results from that test could then serve as 
> > the basis for the next test(s).
> Actually, the first test serves as a basis for an article for the German
> LinuxUser magazine. My colleagues and I have a monthly article on
> usability issues, and next month's issue should be the Gimp 2.0. Apart
> from general improvements such as viusal feedback etc, we want to
> provide some tips how to handle difficult tasks (which means we have to
> find out which tasks are difficult!). That's why the test has to be a
> bit more specific.
one of the least discussed or researched is probably how useable
products that work on other operating systems is to linux users.

another way to say that is this:
what about how usable photoshop is for someone who knows only TheGIMP?

TheGIMP is not photoshop.  it was written so that linux people would not
not have to use a different operating system and/or steal.

you make gimp race on a playing field it never was meant to be on and i
dont see anyone testing the competitor on TheGIMP's home field.

what would the point of such a race be?


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