> one of the least discussed or researched is probably how useable
> products that work on other operating systems is to linux users.

yes, that's true 8-)

> TheGIMP is not photoshop.  it was written so that linux people would not
> not have to use a different operating system and/or steal.

Of course the GIMP is not photoshop, and it is not our intention to make
the GIMP a copy of photoshop! What we want to identify in this first
test are the major difficulties somebody is faced when FIRST using the
GIMP. That may be photoshop (or other imaging software) users, or
newbies to digital imaging - no matter which operating system they use.
That's why both groups are tested.

I think it would also be interesting to see how more experienced GIMP
users handle the software - but for an initial feedback new users are
more revealing. We are not trying to make the GIMP run on a field it was
never meant for - except you think it was never meant to be used by new
user 8-)



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