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TheGIMP is not photoshop.  it was written so that linux people would not
not have to use a different operating system and/or steal.
Here you propose GIMP would be good for people who don't feel comfortable stealing (Photoshop)?
you make gimp race on a playing field it never was meant to be on and i
dont see anyone testing the competitor on TheGIMP's home field.

what would the point of such a race be?
And here you're saying you don't like the comparsion to Photoshop? Gosh, if you're suggesting GIMP as an alternative you hardly can avoid comparsion. That's hypocrisy.

I'm one of the people who used Photoshop at the university and then started looking around for an affordable alternative at home. Trying to address issues that people may encounter doing the switch does make perfect sense.


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