Hi again,

I have almost completed all the paperwork to get The GIMP Foundation up
and running.  The last slightly compliciated bit left is to get the
bylaws finished.

I have a draft version of the bylaws that need a few gaps filled in.
I've put it here: http://www.phasevelocity.org/bylaws.doc These bylaws get sent with the rest of the paperwork (and the filing fee) to the IRS to get tax-exempt status.
This copy of the bylaws is pretty standard stuff, with parts that need
filling in, highlighted in red. We are, of course, free to change the
bylaws at anytime in the future (within certain limits), but we do need
a copy of the bylaws, and a first board meeting held within the rules of
those bylaws, where the bylaws are formally approved by the board.

Here are the things left to do.

Within a week I need to get the parts in red of the draft bylaws fleshed
out at at least the majority satisfiaction of the community.  In
addition to the red parts, the membership section needs to be writtin.

I need to appoint an initial board, whose job will be to set up a
membership system, start collecting members, and allow those members to
vote in a non-interim board (any takers?)

I need to send in the corporate paperwork to the IRS (with the filing
fee) and wait a few months for the IRS to send some "questions" answer
those questions, and wait a few more months to get our non-profit status

Instead of all this though, I've been talking to Tim Ney about having
the GNOME Foundation take a more active role in supporting the GIMP.  If
GNOME was willing to do this, this would probably be a good option for
us.  Gnome already has the infrastruction and ability to act as a
non-profit, as well as plenty of corporate suppport.  What do people
think of this plan?


P.S.  Real life is taken over recently.  I have a new child on the way,
my wife is almost finished with school, I'm looking at grad schools, and
I have a practical need to focus my work on the bits that I get paid a
regular salery for.  This means I have very little time for gimp related
stuff recently.  In fact, I'm looking to get TGF (or whatever this
becomes) handed off to a competent interim board as soon as I can.

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