Daniel Rogers wrote:

Daniel Rogers wrote:

So, I noticed the resounding silence surrounding this thread. Is anyone still interested in a foundation? I went into this foundation thing thinking I had support from the community. I cannot do this all by myself. The Foundation is about getting involved. If noone wishes to get involved, then there is nothing left I can do.

Well, I started to read the bylaws and was overwhelmed a bit. Being totally unfamiliar with stuff like this, I found it a bit too much to read, comprehend and evaluate in one week... maybe this happened to others as well?

I need to appoint an initial board, whose job will be to set up a
membership system, start collecting members, and allow those members to
vote in a non-interim board (any takers?)

To be a little more clear: I need volunteers to be an initial board of directors.

Might be an important question: does one have to live in the US to be able to become a director? (and/or president, secreatary, treasurer, ...)


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