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So, I noticed the resounding silence surrounding this thread. Is anyone still interested in a foundation? I went into this foundation thing thinking I had support from the community. I cannot do this all by myself. The Foundation is about getting involved. If noone wishes to get involved, then there is nothing left I can do.

Well, I started to read the bylaws and was overwhelmed a bit. Being totally unfamiliar with stuff like this, I found it a bit too much to read, comprehend and evaluate in one week... maybe this happened to others as well?

Ah, well. . .err, um. Fair enough. I forget that I've been stewing in this stuff for month. Most of this is boiler plate and echos the laws that we are required to follow anyway. If anyone is overwhelmed by any bit of it, it is just fine to discuss what you want in normal person terms.

I need to appoint an initial board, whose job will be to set up a
membership system, start collecting members, and allow those members to
vote in a non-interim board (any takers?)


To be a little more clear: I need volunteers to be an initial board of directors.

Might be an important question: does one have to live in the US to be able to become a director? (and/or president, secreatary, treasurer, ...)

No. As I think I mentioned before you don't need to live in the US or even have to be 18 (though you have a hard time entering contracts if you are less then 18 so 18 is a practical requirement). It gets complicated if TGF tries to employ non-us people (though it can be done), however the directors should probably not be compensated anyway.

And to clarify: there are two structures that must exist in a corporation. There is the board of the directors, which make general descsions, are voted in by the members, can enter contracts, hire people, and delagate tasks to others. The number of directors as well as the amount of directors that qualify as a quorum and the percentage that qualifies as a majority can all be set in the bylaws.

The second structure is the officers. These are the people like the president, tresurer, and secratary. The duties of these officers are set in the bylaws. The president usually is respnosible for hiring and the day to day activities of the corporation. The tresurer is in charge of the finances. The secretary records the minutes of the board meetings. The board members can be officers and are generally appointed by the board. The president or the secretary can not be same person as the tresurer.

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