it's that time of the week again, so here's the weekly status report
from the GIMP HEAD branch. There isn't too much exciting news this
week because most of the work was done on finishing stuff started
earlier. But let's see ...

Mitch and me added a GimpContainerView interface that is implemented
by the various container treeviews. The new GimpContainerCombobox
provides a replacement for GimpContainerMenu which used to be based
on the deprecated GtkOptionMenu widget.

Mitch changed all those buttons in the dockables to connect to
GtkActions. This makes the button sensitivity update automatically
just like the menus do and it assures that clicking the buttons does
exactly the same as choosing the respective item from the menus. Since
this allows the buttons and the menus to share the same callbacks, it
makes the code a lot cleaner.

I've continued work on HIG-ifying the core. Some of the more complex
dialogs will need a more thorough review though. I've also ported
almost all plug-ins from GtkFileSelection to GtkFileChooser. Also
HIG-ified those plug-ins while I was on it.

Mitch improved configurability of the toolbox from the "Tools" dialog.

I've changed all file load/save plug-ins to use the new menu
registration API, changed their menu entries to be more descriptive
(and translatable) and added mime-type information for most file
plug-ins. The thumbnails created by GIMP now include mime type
information if the file procedure used to load or save the file
provided it.

Mitch reenabled tearoff menus. This is probably the last regression
that was introduced with the port to GtkUIManager.

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