it's a week since the last report from the development branch, so I
thought you'd be waiting for an update. Let's see what has happened...

Mitch added an option to clear the Undo history. May be useful if you
are running out of memory. This was requested in bug #136300.

I've added the possibility to set the "keep-above" window manager hint
for the toolbox and the dock windows (bug #131672).

I started to HIG-ify the core dialogs. So far I've changed all frames
to use the GimpFrame widget and I did the most important changes to
the spacings in the dialogs. Since we decided to also change the label
alignment, more work will be needed here. The main dialogs should
probably all be reviewed. The File->New dialog (or actually the
GimpTemplateEditor) is the only one so far that has undergone some
more significant changes.

Maurits and Brix joined the HIG-ification effort and started to work
on plug-in dialogs.

Mitch added a new scheme for registering menu entries from plug-ins.
The new scheme is backward-compatible to the old API but it has some
advantages over the old scheme. First of all, a plug-in can now
register multiple menu entries for the same procedure. It registers
the procedure once and gives it a name. This is represented internally
as a GimpPlugInAction. Then the plug-in can register this action to
the menus, in multiple places if it likes to. Combined with the
placeholder feature of GtkUIManager this allows to have plug-ins in
the "core" menus and in the Filters menu. This should allow us to
choose more intuitive menu locations for our plug-ins.

I've changed the unit system to allow pixels as an image unit. The
image statusbar now has a nice little unit combobox next to the
display of the cursor coordinates. The image unit can be conveniently
changed from here. Some dialogs, most notably the "Scale" dialog,
still need to be changed accordingly.

The widget that I added for the statusbar unit selector is a prototype
of a replacement widget for GimpUnitMenu. Will probably move it to
libgimpwidgets later. Right now it's missing some features though.

Mitch started to make the toolbox configurable. Needs code to save and
load these settings as well as a more untuitive GUI. I guess you can
expect this to work when I'll send the next status report...

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