Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > What I didn't address yet is the fact that the HIG suggests to
> > left-align labels of UI controls while we currently consistenly
> > right-align labels so that they are close to the control they are
> > describing. I am not sure if I can follow the HIG argumentation for
> > this. I guess we should create some screenshots or mockups of standard
> > GIMP dialogs and discuss this change here before we start to work on
> > this.
> It seems like the HIG suggests left-alignment for controls whose labels
> are roughly equal in length, and right-alignment for dissimilarly-sized
> labels.  While this probably does result in the most pleasant appearance,
> it's an internationalization nightmare.  I suggest we stick with the Palm
> usability guidelines here.  I suggest that the next version of the HIG do
> the same.

Since we use a whole lot of those labels that say something like
"Scale X:" and below "Y:" I think we should generally stick to the
right-aligned labels that we use now. What does the HIG say about the
colons? Are they needed? Due to kerning the "Y" tends to crawl under
the trailing colon so I'd rather get rid of the column and increase
the spacing from the currently used 4 pixels to 6 pixels.
> And while we're talking about the HIG, I still wonder what they were
> smoking when they suggested that Gnome lay out all of its buttons
> opposite to the way that common sense and every other set of UI
> guidelines I've ever read suggests.

If you are refering to the button order in the action area, I have to
say that I am very happy about this decision. Mac OS uses this button
order and I always found it to be more logical than the Windows way of
arranging the buttons.


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