[this is a response to both jimmac and sven]

Selection shortcuts:

No, I didn't know that there is a difference between the modifiers
pressed when you start to create the selection and the modifiers you
press while adjusting the selection - it's really very powerful and
should not be lost. 

However, it's hard to learn... As I wrote in response to Simon, studies
have shown that only few users actually read the docs - especially if
it's about something that seems to be simple, such as selection modes.
For such users, it is likely to happen that they will not understand the
concept without any hints (just as me and the users I tested 8-)), and
we/they should be supported in a way!

I think it might help if there were buttons/radio buttons for
centered/non-centered selection in the tool options. Additionally, there
should be tooltip texts to explain the shortcuts (e.g. Mode Add: 'Add to
selection - [SHIFT] while clicking', Centered Selection: 'Centered
selection - [CTRL] while dragging' - rough wording). 

Popup dialogs for transformation:

In deed, the settings get lost when moving to another image - I thought
they would persist! 

But another reason why I think it is better to keep the dialogs for
transformation is that it is uncommon to have confirmation/cancel
buttons in the tool options dialog. I'm not sure, but as much as I'm
concerned there is no tool that makes actual changes to the image in the
tool options. Mostly, you can define settings/options there (as
indicated by the label), but to change the image you have to
interactively click into the image. And providing the transformation
parameters in the tool options without offering confirm/reset would
surely result in numerous errors. 



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