> thanks again for taking all of this time to review TheGIMP.  once
> again i am curious about samples personal projects of yours that you
> used TheGIMP for.  having actual ideas and needs for graphics tends
> to make the gimp make more sense, in my experience.

Carol, can you please stop this. There is no point in asking Ellen
about personal experience with The GIMP. A usability test as it was
performed here is about testing how (new) users get along with the
software. It can help to identify problems with the user interface
that no gimp developer or long-time gimp user will ever be able to
see. It also doesn't really matter if the person leading the tests and
summarizing the results has any experience with the software being

I hope that more such tests can be done in the future. We will
certainly try to use the results to improve The GIMP. Since GIMP is a
very powerful tool and is supposed to stay one, we will of course take
care that no useful feature is dropped only because it might be
confusing for someone who uses GIMP for the first time. There will
always be a learning curve, but usability tests can help to make it
less steep.

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