On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 08:20:32PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> > thanks again for taking all of this time to review TheGIMP.  once
> > again i am curious about samples personal projects of yours that you
> > used TheGIMP for.  having actual ideas and needs for graphics tends
> > to make the gimp make more sense, in my experience.
> Carol, can you please stop this. There is no point in asking Ellen
> about personal experience with The GIMP. A usability test as it was
> performed here is about testing how (new) users get along with the
> software. It can help to identify problems with the user interface
> that no gimp developer or long-time gimp user will ever be able to
> see. It also doesn't really matter if the person leading the tests and
> summarizing the results has any experience with the software being
> tested.

ah, another thing you forget is how attractive i found the linux
developers with their "rtfm" approach and sound logic and their
willingness to express this and provide examples in a very direct

so please, did you not have some good ideas for making the texttool
better.  i read the first three words of each of those sentences and was
quite excited to see you make the app work again and not answer
questions from a tester with no real purpose for the gimp.

i have this memory of a developer who only wasted time with things that
made sense and one of the nice things about the gimp is having to learn
how graphics and computers work to make it work.  there is nothing wrong
with an application that is able to do what you are asking it to do.

and someone who through things through enough to say "rtfm" because
everything you need is there and well written and not wasting time
typing blather to explain how gimp works is more fun.

let dave neary answer this, inventing answers is a good thing for a
tester with no real goals.


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